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YouTube Stats: "Site Has 1 Billion Active Users Each Month"

One of the best ways to promote your store and brand itself is also promotion and advertisement through your very own personal Youtube channel or channel that you are going to have in a name of your brand. Youtube, as we all know, is the biggest video streaming service on Earth, providing you with millions of videos on daily bases, and many of them are also » product » introduction videos and ads that get rolled up when you watch a normal song video on youtube. But you have to know that as like everything else a Youtube channel also needs to be set up properly in a way that when someone visits it, and watch a few of your videos about products/services, he would then press that most wanted » subscribe »button that every youtube or person that runs Youtube channel want. Why? Simple, because when people subscribe they get updated with all the new stuff that you upload, so potential new products, thanks to subscribers you then get a chance for your content to be viewed and for your personal benefits that will help you eventually achieve sales. More subscribers = more views = more sales. Plus, you get few extra $$ from views as well.

Your Benefits:

At s-sistance, we offer you our very own professional service of » Youtube channel set up », with everything that will make your channel » wanted » in terms of attraction, views, subscribers and potentially new clients that will at the end lead to massive amount of sales.

Make sure that people see what you have to offer and that they will follow your professional brand channel and be fully updated on new things that you have to offer! 

Create for your brand more organic exposure or the possibility to do a YouTube campaigns

What You Are Getting:

✓ Full Setup Your Youtube Channel A To Z

✓ Adding Your Logo

✓ Professional Cover Design  

Estimated work time to finish: 1 days - 4 days

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