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*The service includes 2 weeks management

Why Use Google Shopping?

Google Shopping allows you to set your desired cost per click in order to display your product listing ads at the top of Google’s search results.

google shopping ads for shopify store

This moderates your bids for individual products, product groups, categories, and your daily budget.
Not like Google AdWords ads, Google Shopping ads feature product pictures.
No need to setup text ads or bid on any keywords.
Google shopping is specifically designed for online stores.

THE Benefit:

This is another sales channel for you, rather than just a sale channel >> Your products will be on the FIRST PAGE in Google and reach Hot Leads.

It's All About Customer Experience

For the average users who don't understand in online sales from the seller side,
Think about how this experience will be for them, that they search on Google, for example, "a surfing bracelet to buy" and first they see offers from Google with a picture of your product, then they come to your product page that convinces them to make the order from you and not from your competitors.

Use Our Experts Today And Expect The Best!

Join thousands of stores that have increased more than 100 - 200% product sales within a week thanks to this amazing Google platform.

Only with Different Actions, you will get Different Results >> Don't wait for all your Competitors to be there before you!

That's What You Are Getting:

✔ Integrate your store with the merchant center.

✔ list your products in merchant center.

✔ Setup a product data feed.

✔ Get your approval for ads without any error or warning.

✔ Link the merchant center to AdWords.

✔ Import all products in AdWords.

✔ Setup an optimized campaign.

✔ Use negative keywords to reduce costs.

✔ Manage the campaign for 2 weeks

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction!

We will make sure your store follows google's policies to prevent account and domain approval or penalty.

Estimated Work Time To Finish: 

14 days - 20 days

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google shopping ads setup for shopify online store