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Do You Know Why The Huge Beer Brand "Budweiser" Sells Their Beer With A Different Bottle In Ecuador Than In The United States?

S-sistance Build and customize a new Shopify Store

They are understanding their target audience. Not like in the US, in Ecuador, most glass bottles are designed with a long shape. This is an example of excellent marketing. We as the marketing people should be able to adjust the product or service to make it as a perfect fit for our lovely customers. Budweiser knows how to present their beers correctly to a different target audience (There is a chance that the taste is also a bit different).

So, Why Are We Telling You This Gold Information?

That's the main reason to why we should be the ones who build and customize your new Professional Shopify store for you. 

We ONLY Care about ONE thing in Creating Your Store:
"How Do We Build Your Store That Will Sell?"

Our Uniqueness is,

  • We are focused on understanding the concept you chose for your store.
  • We will understand who your target audience is. 
  • We will look at how your competitors look.
  • And only then will we create your new store.

build new shopify store

"Home Is Where You Feel At Home"

When your store is accurate to the target audience and to your brand concept, the customers will automatically feel at home, even if it's their first time seeing your brand your chances will be much higher because they would feel comfortable buying from you.
This accuracy is what will give you the opportunity to generate sales.

Still Not Convinced?

Look at the physical places (or also on the Internet) that you spend time in them and pay them money. What places are these? How do you feel there? It all starts with the experience. People buy experiences (And not only in the physical world).

build new shopify store

Our Work Doesn't Finish Only With The Customer Experience,

We'll use techniques from our experience and creativity that will increase your conversion rates. In addition, we will install for you a retargeting app by emails and we will set up automated designed emails - It's mean that anyone who abandons the shopping cart will receive a designed auto email with the product photos they are was interested in + add to that copywriting that will convince them to complete the purchase (we can add coupon if you want). We want you to sell, If you succeed, we succeed.

design shopify store

What's Included?

 ✔Navigation Setup

 ✔Collection Page

 ✔Header & Footer setup

 ✔Shipping Set Up At Your Request

 ✔At Least 30 Product Adding From Aliexpress (ePacket Service)

 ✔6 Pages

 ✔Home Page Customization

 ✔Collection Page Customization


 ✔Slideshow Banner

 ✔Theme Customization

 ✔Trust Sales

 ✔Designed Banners

 ✔Professional Cover

 ✔Responsive Design

 ✔Retargeting App By Emails + Set Up Auto Designed Emails.

 ✔8 Plugins/Extensions (Includes the retargeting)

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you order, one of our experts will contact you to examine your vision so we can do it Successfully.

Estimated Work Time To Finish: 5 days - 16 days

build new shopify store

new shopify store

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