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Our Formula For Creating Your New Professional & Innovative Logo:

  1. We will understand the concept of your brand.
  2. We'll investigate your competitors
  3. We will understand who your target audience is
  4. And ONLY then will Begin designing phase.

What's Included?

✔ A Professional & Unique Logo Design

✔ Source File

✔ High Resolution

✔ Logo Transparency

The Importance of a Logo - 4 Reasons:

  • The logo is your "business card" - logo reveals your identity, your concept. It tells the world/potential customers about who you actually are, what type of product or service you are selling, or what benefit you are offering to the consumers.
  • Magnet new customers to get to know you -The logo that marks your package or adorns your storefront should be designed to draw interest and pique the curiosity of your potential customers, prompting them to at least have a look, and then hopefully purchase your product.
  • Differentiates you from competitors - Your customers have probably purchased from your competitors, you must create interest in them by being different. Once they see your logo for the first time. They immediately should be interested in you.
  • Promoting brand loyalty -You should add your logo wherever possible for the purpose of strengthening your brand in the long run, whether it's in your post ads, in your retarget, your email and so on.. Once your customers are already identified with the logo, and it broadcasts your concept \ who you are, it will be enough that they will only see that icon, they will immediately feel what you are broadcasting to them. Learn from the biggest, what happens to you that you see the Coca-Cola logo?

The Logo Is One Small Step For Your Store, One Giant Leap For Your User Experience.

It's true that your store is perhaps using the dropshipping method. So you might feel sometimes like an intermediary, but the ordinary user doesn't understand it. He sees a store brand with products. You must understand the user experience which you have in your store, which is already starting with your logo! The logo is 90% exposed first to your customers. It's your First Impression.

5 Factors That Help Us DESIGN The Perfect Logo For You

  1. Simplicity - Logos must be highly recognizable. A simple design makes it easier for people to remember the logo. Think of the golden arches for McDonald’s fast food or giant bell on Taco Bell. These are simple images.
  2. Versatile - A good logo fits in with any design, no matter how simple or complex. It is versatile.
  3. Memorable- A logo that looks too much like other logos will soon be forgotten or mixed up with the other companies using a similar mark. If a logo isn’t memorable, there’s no point in having one.
  4. Innovative- Your logo should also be both memorable and innovative, using a new design, color or idea to infuse it with life and meaning. Fresh, new design is what sets great logos apart from mediocre ones.
  5. Meaningful - Meaning can be ascribed by the brand story that runs with the logo, or it can be inherent in the logo itself. Having meaning built right into your logo takes it a step further than the rest, and with it, pushes your marketing to a higher level.

Use The Powers Of Our Designers!

Estimated Work Time To Finish:

2 days - 6 days

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We can make changes until you smile ;)

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