Terms of Service

By ordering our services, you agree that you have read and accepted the following Terms of Service;

1) I certify that I'll provide all the information necessary for the success of the project.

2) I confirm that I understand the specific service type I will receive.

3) I CAN'T request changes to things that are not related to the specific service I ordered.

4) I understand that if it is technically possible to make changes to the final result of the specific service, I will be able to demand them at NO extra charge until my final approval or 7 business days after the final submission.

5) If I have already approved the final result of the specific service, Or that 7 business days have passed since the last submission and I not responded, or technical changes can not be made in the final result of the service. I can NO longer ask for changes.

6) I can cancel my order and receive all my money back ONLY if s-sistance DIDN'T start to work on the services I ordered.

7) If s-sistance started working on the service or finished providing it, I would have to pay for the service and not be able to ask for money back.

8) I know that all the information I give to s-sistance is confidential and they protect my privacy and my business privacy. They will NOT distribute anything without my permission.

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