Refund policy

s-sistance Refund Policy

These 2 cases determined with the client will receive the entire amount paid or not get any refund:

  • 1) If s-sistance has not yet declared that they beginning to work on the specific service to the customer, and the customer has requested to cancel, the customer will get a full refund. 
example: The customer ordered a service, , then a representative from s-sistance contact the customer to receive relevant information for the service but the customer ask for cancelation. The customer will get a full refund.
  • 2) There is no refund to the customer if s-sistance already been started to provide the service or done the service.

example: The customer ordered a service, a representative of s-sistance contacted the customer and got relevant information for the service and declared for starting to work on the service.


  • s-sistance undertakes to make infinite changes only to the project set at the beginning of the service until the customer approves the result or there was no reply from the customer up to 7 business days from the last submission or that the service provided is done and technical changes can not be made.
example: The customer order a new design for a logo and want to make changes to the delivered logo, s-sistance will make the changes until the customer approved.
  • s-sistance will not make changes to things that are not related to the specified project \ service.
example: The customer ordered a copywriting product description service for 10 items, but then the customer wants changes to another product that was not included in the 10 products set for the project. In this case, there will be no changes.
  • If the customer returns to request changes or a refund after he or she approves the project or there was no reply from the customer up to 7 business days from the last submission, or the service has been provided, the customer not will get any refund or will have to pay for these changes.
example: s-sistance finished the campaign for the customer, and then the customer requests to cancel.


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