Create Facebook Campaign w/ A Mentor

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Do you want to know how to build a Successful Campaign from scratch?
Have you ever been able to finish a Campaign with a Positive Return On Investment (ROI)?

You now have the opportunity to acquire this expertise with a Private Tutoring with Andrew Dunn (One-On-One Session).

Andrew worked for almost 5 years in a leading digital publishing company in the UK and became a senior manager.

Then he opened his own advertising agency, which provides services to leading companies in the market.

What's more accurate for you is that Andrew has already 4 profitable Shopify stores.

What we can tell you about Andrew that he is definitely an inspiring person after the launch he made with his latest Shopify store, within 3 months had reached a million dollars in profits. Isn't it crazy? 

Shopify & Facebook's marketing system has opened up these possibilities and this is just one reason from many others that everything is possible in today's world!.

You will be able to do this too and especially if you will learn directly from Andrew in a one-on-one session! The Key to Success? Put Yourself in a Successful Environment.

What do I get from this private tutorial?

  • You will have the power to market on FB at the most professional levels there is.
  • How to build a campaign from A to Z
  • How to make an attractive creative
  • How to choose the right products
  • How to target properly
  • You'll get answers to all the questions you ever wanted to ask
  • And other Facebook secrets that many do not know.

How is this done?
The session will be on Skype for an hour,

You may also want to download TeamViewer then Andrew will have access to work with your computer and show you everything as if you were sitting with him on your computer.

After you make the order, Andrew will contact you to schedule the session.

Who is it good for?
The one-on-one session with Andrew is suitable for all levels!

Do not hesitate when it comes to the opportunity to get vital information for your development as a marketer and Shopify store owner from an expert that already fulfilled the dream of many!