Facebook Page Professional Monthly Management

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Do you have a Facebook page that isn't active every day?
Do you want to have more free time to focus on other things?

If you answered yes...then this service is especially for you!

Why it is essential for every business to be active on Facebook?

Your Facebook page is like the "Face" of your business / your business card.

With your Facebook page, you can maintain additional contact with customers, increase followers, present your brand in the most professional way, to advertise attractive deals or new products, drive traffic to your website and more...

What are you getting in this service?

A private team of Facebook experts, among them a copywriter, designer, and marketer that will manage your Facebook page for the entire month.

The team will create content which is suitable for your target audience and for your branding.

You gain more free time to focus on other things knowing that your Facebook page is in good hands

There is no obligation. You can stop the service whenever you want.

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